Our services are structured to encompass a targeted sales strategy, ranging from basic sales representation and market analysis to account support and field operational services.

In concert with our partners, we also offer custom solutions such as Logistic, RMA, Customer Service supports as a total solution.

Business process outsourcing by our clients to us for their European sales efforts allows them to have

* Quick Access to European Markets especially for those with a need to penetrate the particular industries with a wealth of knowledge already on hand. We can help by providing the doors to enter with our own network and presence already established.

* Established Sales channels / distribution which is almost impossible if handling from far away from the customer without a direct presence (with Local Support ) engaging them closely for recurring sales and follow up.

* Multi-lingual Direct Sales Force, nothing beats having the same language speaking sales person(s) to make an inroad to the customers' zone of comfort to represent your products or services. Able to speak the same language, understanding better the sales approach and culture will make half the battle easier to fought.

We enable our clients to promote their business activities and develop new business opportunities with revenues generation. 

We help companies to develop a Value-Added Relationship Network, identifying the correct channel for a product, resolving the uphill challenges for companies to break into Europe e.g. dealing with the various cultures and languages which can be a complex and expensive process thus reducing part of the risks of international expansion. Our business consultancy services include defining the appropriate strategy based on continuous changed market conditions.

Our business support services are comprehensive and tailored to the specific clients' needs and based on our vast experience, business network, wide knowledge and understanding of the targeted market. 

We assist our clients in penetrating the relevant markets, introduce new products and services, and create business models with the purpose of generating short, middle and long-term revenues.

Furthermore, we are working with our clients' to build beneficial and winning partnerships as well as initial strategic sales all with the intention to bring our clients' and partners' business in a state of solid presence in the targeted markets. 

Europe Connect provides key services:

* Market Assessment
* Facilitate Market Entry
* Project / Account Management
* Cultivate Partnerships along the Supply Chain

Scope of service: (In alphabetical order)

* Analyst relations
* Building relationships with major accounts
* Category and portfolio management
* Channel mapping
* Data Collection of Environment / Segmentation / Mix
* Developing major account profiles
* Distributor management
* Establishment of Account / Supplier Focus Team
* Event management
* Identifying market opportunities
* In-Market Logistic Hub and Services
* In-Market Quality Support
* Lead generation / conversion
* Market forecasting
* Measuring markets
* New Projects Follow-up and Management
* Objection handling / Setting
* PR management
* Product placement / launch / marketing
* Regular In-Market Visits
* Strategic planning (process) / options
* Tactical planning
* Territory management

Europe Connect's consultancy services include a wide range of studies and research work of the targeted markets and players based on our understanding of the major trends and competitive environments existing in the different markets. Beyond the business development and marketing studies, we work with our clients to plan and develop the most appropriate value propositions through continued guidance, support, pre-qualification and selection of the most relevant partnerships; in order to create business and generate revenues.

Europe Connect is strong in the filtering process of giving only pre-qualified leads based on only what is value added to the customer (supplier role) using several means of business processes such as business matching survey, leads profiling and identifying the key factors to closing that sales lead.

Europe Connect 'works' it out for you in order for you and your company to reach the 'destination' steadily and firmly. RFQs, Supplier Qualification, Sales Contract etc

A Total Solution To Expanding & Maintaining Your Business In Europe

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