Q. How can Europe Connect (EC) help us support opportunities in Europe?

Europe Connect (EC) Professional Representation is a Workforce Outsourcing company, offering a unique method of mobilizing dedicated or interim sales and customer care teams to assist multinational companies doing business in Europe. EC provides clients with a turnkey solution for deploying regional staff in Europe with a focus upon acquiring new customers and providing support for existing customers.

Our clients can engage the direct customer without the hassle of worries about paying a commission in-between, giving greater transparency to all parties which allows our clients to engage in direct sales and book the full value of all orders.
Q. How much does it cost to engage the services of EC?

EC's services are designed to be flexible, with the introductory service of 'Market assessment' to help potential clients have a collection of vital data so as make informative decision before moving to the next stage. .

* Market Assessment
* Facilitate Market Entry
* Project / Account Management
* Cultivate Partnerships along the Supply Chain

However, it is not necessary to be in any orders to as speed to market and entry to market differ for different industries, products and services.
Q. How does EC help us keep our expenses under control while we are doing business in the EU and UK?

Many companies that maintain in-house international sales offices find that their Sales, General and Administrative expenses can drive the cost of sale to unacceptable levels.

This is due to the inherent difficulty of controlling expenses while also supplying sufficient labor and resources to conduct a sales campaign. EC allow our clients to take advantage of an economy of scale they wouldn’t normally be able to create on their own, while retaining all the benefits of an in-house operation.

EC leverages local expertise to lower capital expenditure, and costs for General and Administrative efforts are shared across our entire client base. With our support, many of the expenses normally associated with a company’s back-office functions are erased – allowing our clients to become even more competitive in regional markets.
Q. What typical savings could I make by outsourcing my European sales to EC?

EC maintains a low cost base by leveraging technology and key partnerships across Europe. Operating from an established bases in France and Germany means we can help you avoid the kind of start-up expenses that an internal effort might incur.

Ongoing operating expenses are kept low by eliminating unnecessary brick-and-mortar costs and leveraging a single fixed cost base for administrative and accounting functions.
Q. How are the EC Outsource packages structured?

EC offers outsourced workforce solutions customized to your business need. Our clients typically contract for a dedicated representative focused upon a specific market segment or region who is responsible for representing our client’s brand.

EC provides local team management and an SLA with specific performance metrics in line with your company requirement to your clients. Depending on the agreed structure, a representative can be focused upon direct sales, customer care or provide pre/post-sales support to those customers. We structure our packages as a single fixed monthly fee* or commission-based* you leave us to worry about the costs associated with local administration and operations.

*Mostly, only from several rounds of discussion to map the needs and wants of the potential client (your company) can a price be structured.
Q. What about Employee Expenses?

EC seeks to reduce your administrative overhead as much as possible, and whenever appropriate will incorporate all basic expenses into a single package price. This means that all phone and cell phone usage, local sales travel expenses (auto train taxi) and meals are covered by the package.

Exceptional expenses (such as trips across or outside mainland Europe, Hotels etc.) will be submitted to your company as expenses incurred, just as with any normal sales activity with APPROVAL seeking to your company before any exceptional traveling is required.
Q. What are my Options for the contract life and post-contract activities?

The typical EC contract is for one-year (52 weeks) and there is a set-up fee for new clients. Although 6, 9 months contracts are negotiable. Contracts are reviewed periodically.

Should you wish to take over local operations at the end of your contract, EC will help you to directly hire dedicated EC Representative(s) over the transition period, per se. EC is structured for maximum flexibility with regard to our contracted professionals and we will be happy to assist you in any personnel transfers.
Q. What if I am not satisfied with the arrangement and wish to change it or even resign from the contract?

EC allows for “Upgrading” of your agreement from one stage to the next with a minimum of hassle or expense. Going from minimal to a more advanced level of coverage is quick and convenient. Additionally, EC offers you several opportunities in its contract to avail yourself of “Opting out” preferences. There are criteria defined which allow you to judge our Representatives performance and make changes if necessary.
Q. How is my company invoiced for EC services?

EC billing is performed monthly. Our pricing is based upon an understanding of what will be required regards the sales and order process, revenue recognition and reporting requirements. Additionally, for those valued clients requesting support beyond the contracted level, EC can provide additional support for activities such as Trade Show Representation or Market Analysis, which will be quoted and billed separately from the standard terms and conditions.

For questions not found here, please send us an email at custsvc@europe-connect.com.sg

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