In today's hyper-competitive business environment, there is no more a choice of just doing business locally serving to only a limited pool of potential customers but looking outwards,
reaching customers further and more effectively with shorter turnaround time and yet at manageable risk too.

Europe Connect is positioned as the client’s company’s sales force being physically near to your customers in Europe establishing sales and customer care operations, whilst yet close to the local company here in Singapore. It is the bridge between Singapore and the targeted European markets to penetrate, with Market Assessment, facilitate market entry, project/account management, cultivate partnerships along the supply chain.

We help companies to develop a Value-Added Relationship Network, identifying the correct channel for a product, resolving the uphill challenge for companies to break into Europe dealing with the various cultures and languages which can be a complex and expensive process thus reducing part of the risks of international expansion.

Our proven expertise will increase your market share, lower your costs and save your time

With presence and corporate offices located in London-England, Strasbourg-France, Munich-Germany and Prague-Czech Republic, we take care of your sales and marketing effort outsourced to us for the fastest growing economy in the world.

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A Total Solution To Expanding & Maintaining Your Business In Europe

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